TG-J216 Infrared Analyzer

TG-J216 Infrared Analyzers use the imported semiconductor infrared sensor and the advanced digital processing technology. This analyzer is able to continue automatic fast measure many kinds of gas, such as NH3, CH4, CO, CO2, and so on. Comparing with the similar products, the advantages of this analyzer are high stability, high reliability and high selectivity.

Application Range:

This product could be used in many fields, such as electrical, metallurgy, concrete, fertilizer, chemical industry, environment protection and scientific research and so on.

Instrument Characteristics:

l        Using imported infrared sensors, with a long life expectancy, high precision, fast response characteristics;

l        The flow controled by electronic flow controllor, avoid blockage;

l        Precision filter inside the instrument extending sensor lifetime greatly;

l        The whole english operation menu, easy to operate;

l        320×240 dot-matrix LCD, display the test gas concentration, date, time and temperature of the inside instrument at the same time;

l        Automatic measurement data storage, record time interval length can be set freely. Data can be display with curve or list, easy to check;

l        Upper and lower control point in the whole range area can be set up at will;

l        Standard RS232 or RS485 communication interface, both-way communication with computer.

Technical Specifications:

Test Gas

Min Measure Range ppm

Max Measure Range %


0 ~ 2000

0 ~ 100


0 ~100

0 ~ 100


0 ~ 10000

0 ~ 100


0 ~ 10000

0 ~ 100


0 ~ 1000

0 ~ 100

l        Accuracy:                           ≤ ±2%F.S;

l        Stability:                      Zero point drift ≤ ±1%F.S/7d;

Range drift    ≤ ±1%F.S/7d;

l        Sample gas flow:                 400 ± 20ml/min;

l        Sample gas pressure:          0.1MPa ≤ inlet pressure ≤ 0.25MPa;

l        Output signal:               4~20mA or 0~10mA DC optional;

l        Contact Capacity:        120VAC 1A, 24VDC 1A;

l        Working power:                  220VAC ± 10%, 50Hz ± 5%;

l        Working environment:  Temperature: -5℃ ~ +45℃;

Humidity:              ≤90%RH;

l        External dimension:             490mm (W) × 150mm (H) × 280mm (D);

l        Installation dimension:  442mm (W) × 136mm (H);

l        Weight:                               About 6.5 Kg;