Xian Tiger Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the original Second Artillery Institute evolved gas analysis, focusing on gas analysis instruments and equipment related to the development, production, sales and services, with nearly 30 years of gas analysis industry experience.

        Yesterday Tiger, Man Road as the iron CHAMC
        Early in 1983 the company began chairman Professor Zhu Zhongmin gas analysis related technology research, and the establishment of the Second Artillery Gas Analysis Institute, for troops and local industrial sector gas analysis instrumentation and related services. During Professor Chu chaired by the development of the "purity nitrogen automatic analyzer", "multi-component toxic and hazardous gas detection alarm" by the military and Technology Progress Award, "LDY-Άρ type dewpoint smart meter" by the military and technological progress three prize. In 1998, the army institutional restructuring, dissolution of gas analysis institute, Professor Zhu also left the army and gas analysis based on the establishment of Xi'an Institute of Tiger Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd. has become the first in the research and production of gas analysis equipment private enterprise, from development of the company into the fast lane.
        Today, Tiger, tiger dragon today Shengxi away, turned upside down have been overturned.
        Currently, the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and high-tech enterprises, nearly three years have five projects with the Ministry of Science, Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province, Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau of the NDRC and free financing; has applied for national invention patent and utility model patents, 8, software copyrights 6. Check the company in 2005 in Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base, covering 25 acres, has built three production totaling over 12,000 square meters of office space, the formation of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, dew point, combustible gas, toxic gas, exhaust gas analysis systems, process gas analysis system, pharmaceutical and biochemical analysis systems, cement kilns analysis system, galvanizing line analysis systems, coke oven gas analysis system and other products, widely used in national defense, electronics, air separation, cement, chemicals, aerospace, steel, environmental, pharmaceutical and other industries, typical application scenarios including the Shenzhou series of spacecraft ground equipment, "Liaoning" aircraft carrier, "Apple" product lines.
        Tiger tomorrow for more ambition and sacrifice, the courage to renewal day Sun and the Moon.
        Tiger temper after a dozen of the market, has made considerable progress, but we clearly recognize that in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, in order to achieve greater development, we must pay double the effort out greater courage. Currently, the company is trying to build a "responsible and enterprising" as the core of enterprise culture, with world-class high-end equipment manufacturers, and actively learn from their advanced enterprise management experience, to further improve the management level and product quality. We firmly believe that Tiger unremitting efforts of all staff, the spirit of "relying on the duty of Tarzan in rows, leaning Ge Rui Ji to enter the" attitude is bound to realize mankind, "the former beauty of heaven and earth, of all things reasonable" good wishes and make greater contributions.
        Tiger together, sharing 30 years of experience in the industry gas analysis!